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NEW: Pre-recorded video lessons for D/G melodeon now available at:

I'm available to give regular or one-off lessons online via Skype (or other video call software).

I offer lessons on DG and GC melodeon / diatonic accordion and single row instruments.

Lessons can include annotated sheet music or be entirely by ear.
I'm happy to work with complete beginners up to more advanced students.


Lessons cost £35 per one hour lesson (shorter lessons available for children).


I have experience of playing and teaching English, Irish, Scottish and French music, but would be happy to look at anything else you'd like to learn.


You can check my current available times and book a lesson here, or contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

Here are some videos of my pupils playing:


Here are some testimonials from my pupils:


Lessons in person:


"Paul has taught me to play the melodeon from scratch and after two years I was playing well enough for someone to ask if I had been playing all my life. He is an excellent teacher and now three and a half years later I play for a Border Morris team and at small private functions with other musicians. I never thought when I had my first lesson that I could get this far. Thank you Paul for all your work and encouragement and your help and advice in choosing my new melodeon it was very much appreciated."

- Janice, D/G


"I have been fortunate to have Paul as a teacher and guide for nearly a year. He has been a great teacher - calm, patient and constructively critical. I have particularly benefited from his advice on the most productive ways to practice and ensure that I concentrate on accuracy. I always look forward to my lessons, and would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone, whether a beginner or seeking to improve their playing."

- Michael, B/C


Lessons on Skype:


"I was a little apprehensive to begin melodeon lessons with Paul as I was living at the time in Malta and wondered how an hour long lesson via Skype would work out at such a distance. But as it turned out, the arrangement worked very well. Paul is infinitely patient, in addition to being an exceptional musician and tutor. Over the 12 months that I received lessons, my standard of play and confidence improved tremendously. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone who may be contemplating learning the melodeon or to anyone wishing to improve their playing."

- Vince, D/G


“Paul is an approachable, reliable, flexible, committed, patient and focused teacher with an eye for detail and precision. He knows how to suggest and review effective strategies to help a pupil achieve their goals (in my case, for example, greater competence sight reading on both rows and experience with more complex tunes and styles than I had previously played). We work hard for the hour we spend together and I look forward to each lesson. Skype has worked well for the vast majority of the time, and enhanced, rather than limited, my learning, given the geographical distance between us. I would recommend him without reservation. My playing has come on considerably in the year that we have been working together and I am grateful for the help, insight and expertise, he has provided. He has certainly enhanced my own journey within the wonderful world of the two row melodeon, and helped increase my confidence in local sessions with other musicians and those of us out there, who are wise or daft enough to want to play it!"

- Ian, D/G


Recorded video lessons


"Paul is an outstanding teacher. His lessons are thorough, well discussed and he provides both the basics of tunes as well as variations that make them sound incredible. He is patient and well versed in many tunes and styles of playing."

- Wally, D/G


"I've used a number of Paul's teaching videos and they're universally excellent. Clear, comprehensive, and with great attention to detail. He also includes very useful tips on dynamics, ornamentation, and suggestions for alternative left hand options - really thorough. And the best part? I can go back and listen/watch as many times as I like. Brilliant."

- Steve, G/C and D/G

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